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Thanks to all those who contributed to a successful 2018 conference. Our next meeting will take place, 7th-11th April 2019 in Glasgow.


The current Chairman is Prof Eric McInnes, University of Manchester.

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The programme of the Meeting is now available.

Registration for the meeting will start at 4 pm on Sunday 3rd April followed by a reception and buffet sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry. The Meeting will finish after lunch on Thursday 7th April.


1st November 2015: call for registration and abstracts.
1st December 2015: closing date for Bruker Thesis Prize applications
1st February 2016: closing date for submission of presentation abstracts.
15th February 2016: closing date for poster abstract submissions.
15th March 2016: final mail-out of local arrangements.
3rd April – 7th April 2016: RSC ESR Group Meeting.