Bruker Prize Lecture 2018


Sabine van Doorslaer

Since 1986 Bruker BioSpin has generously sponsored an annual lectureship and prize, given to a scientist who has made a major contribution to the application of ESR spectroscopy in chemical or biological systems. The ESR Spectroscopy Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry is pleased to announce that the 2018 Bruker Prize will be awarded to Prof Sabine van Doorslaer in recognition of her outstanding work in the development and application of hyperfine methods, and in particular HYSCORE, for detailed structural characterization of proteins, bio-molecules and materials.

The 2018 Bruker lecture Hyperfine companions on a journey through the world of (bio)materials will be followed by the Bruker reception. The list of previous Bruker Prize winners is available here.

Bruker Thesis Prize 2018

thesis prize 2018

The ESR Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry and Bruker Corporation are pleased to announce the 4th Bruker ESR Thesis Prize, set up to recognize outstanding work by PhD students in the field of ESR Spectroscopy. The winner of the 2018 competition is Audrey Bienfait for her thesis completed at CEA-Saclay, who will give a prize lecture Magnetic resonance with quantum microwaves at the 51st Annual International Meeting of the RSC ESR spectroscopy group, at Queen Mary University of London, 8th–12th April 2018. Our expert panel of reviewer’s said of her work:

This is the first experimental observation of the Purcell effect. When the Nature paper reporting the work was published, I immediately recognized its importance and made it the focus of one of my weekly EPR tutorials. The thesis demonstrates deep scholarship and understanding of this striking new perspective on spin relaxation. The scholarship covers a wide range of topics relevant to the key experiments and the theoretical background. There is good assessment of the relative effects of various experimental parameters. A prize lecture on this topic will be the highlight of the meeting.

We are grateful to Bruker for their continued support of this prize

Details of past winners are available here.