The current committee of the RSC ESR group is shown below. We are currently seeking nominations for new committee members to take the positions of Chair and Ordinary member – please see our committee pages for more details.

Local Organizers Email: weegesr[at]
Dr Stephen Sproules +44 1413 303 716
Scientific Committee
Prof Eric McInnes (Chair) University of Manchester
Dr Ilya Kuprov (Secretary) University of Southampton
Dr David Norman (Treasurer) University of Dundee
Prof Olav Schiemann (International rep.) University of Bonn
Dr Sylwia Kacprzak (Industry rep.) Bruker Biospin Ltd.
Dr Chris Wedge (Web master) University of Huddersfield
Dr Bela Bode University of St Andrews
Dr Alice Bowen University of Oxford
Dr Gavin Morley University of Warwick
Prof. Christiane Timmel (Member and Incoming Chair) University of Oxford
Dr. Maxie Roessler (2018 Organizer) Queen Mary University of London
Dr Enrico Salvadori (2018 Organizer) Queen Mary University of London