JEOL Prize and Lectures


The RSC ESR Group Committee is pleased to announce the 24th Annual Jeol Prize Talk Competition, sponsored by JEOL.

This competition is open to any doctoral student (typically in year 2 or beyond) and 1st year post-doctoral scientists. The 2020 lectures were selected on the basis of the abstracts submitted, and will be judged on the basis of both scientific content and delivery. While delayed by the cancellation of the 2020 conference the committee are delighted to announce that the talks will take place on-line. The organising committee is grateful to JEOL for their continued sponsorship of this prize, and for their agreement to deliver the 2020 session in this format!

The details required to access the meeting have been sent to all registered conference delegates and will also be available via our maillist but for security aren’t posted here. We are also pleased to partner with the IEPRS, filling one of their Virtual EPR Meeting slots. Each participant is allocated 20 minutes for their talk and questions. To indicate that you want to ask a question in the meeting please use the raise hand feature so that the meeting host can unmute you. The schedule for the talks is as follows:

Thursday 28th May 1500-1630 BST
1500 – 1505 Prof. Eric McInnes Welcome and Housekeeping
1505 – 1525 Janne Soetbeer Noise spectroscopy – a quantitative relaxation descriptor and predictor
1525 – 1545 Andreas Gottscholl Identification and Characterization of novel Spin Defects in hexagonal Boron Nitride by Magnetic Resonance techniques
1545 – 1605 Shari Meichsner In-Cell Characterization of the Stable Tyrosyl Radical in E. coli Ribonucleotide Reductase via EPR, DEER and ENDOR
1605-1625 Lara Williams Site-directed labelling with photoexcitable spin probes for light-induced dipolar spectroscopy
Friday 29th May 1600-1700 BST
1600 – 1620 Kaltum Abdiaziz Film electrochemical EPR spectroscopy as a new technique to investigate redox-based reactions
1620 – 1640 Gabriel Moise Spin delocalisation and fine-structure mysteries of the photoexcited triplet state of metalloporphyrins
1640 – 1700 Lizzy Canarie Predicting Decoherence of Molecular Spin Qubits in Frozen Solutions

Please note previous prize winners and those who gave a prize talk at the preceding meeting are ineligible to apply.