The RSC Interest group ESR Spectroscopy annual conference was last held in Leeds in 1986, 37 years ago. Plenary lectures at that event included:

• Radical cations derived from alkynes and dienes. Professor A. G. Davies, University College, London.
• Redox reactions of radicals as studied by ESR and pulse radiolysis. S. Steenken, Max-Planck-Institut, Muülheim, W. Germany
• Magnetic resonance methods to study molecular anisotropy in membranes. Dr A. Watts, University of Oxford

1986 was also the year of the first Bruker Lecture This was given by Professor Martyn C.R. Symons, Leicester University, U.K. and titled “Application of Electron Spin Resonance spectroscopy to the study of the effects of ionising radiation on DNA and DNA complexes”.