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Monday, 27th March

1000-1400 Conference Registration The Edge
1130-1300 Heathcote Satellite Symposium Conference Auditorium 2
1300-1400 Lunch The Edge
Commencing of the RSC-ESR LEEDS 2023 Conference
Session Chair: Olav Schiemann Conference Auditorium 2
1400-1410 Christos Pliotas Welcome
1410-1450 Enrica Bordignon
  Plenary Lecture: Dynamics of the prepore-to-pore transition of a Tc toxin
1450-1510 Laura Remmel
  Investigating the structure of a fluoride sensing riboswitch by PELDOR and 19F ENDOR measurements
1510-1530 Vasily Oganesyan
  Understanding the impact of trans-membrane peptides on lipid bilayers by combining EPR with MD simulations
1530-1550 Dimitri Svistunenko
  An EPR account of the Streptomyces lividans dye decolourising peroxidase DtpAa – in the resting ferric haem state and on activation by H2O2
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Coffee and Poster session (Odd Numbers) The Edge
IES Sponsored
Coffee and Poster session (Even Numbers) The Edge
IES Prize Session Chair: Songi Han Conference Auditorium 2
1800-1805 Songi Han
  Laudatio - Young Investigator Award
1805-1830 Mantas Šimėnas
  2023 John Weil Young Investigator Award: EPR with cryogenic amplifiers independent of sample temperature
1830-1900 IES Committee IES AGM
1900-2030 Dinner The Edge
20:30-22:00 JEOL Reception The Edge
2200-Midnight Hotel Check-Ins

Tuesday, 28th March

Session Chair: Maxie Rößler Conference Auditorium 2
900-940 Bela Bode
  Plenary Lecture: Are nanomolar sensitivity and high-quality computational structures the sunlit uplands of dipolar EPR spectroscopy?
940-1000 Sergei Kuzin
  Conformational study of barley β-glucan dietary fibers based on the longitudinal spectral diffusion in RIDME
1000-1020 Annalisa Pierro
  SDSL-EPR to tackle the conformational changes of the nascent chain gatekeeper, NAC, at the Ribosome interface
1020-1050 Coffee The Edge
Session Chair: Dmitri Svistunenko Conference Auditorium 2
1050-1120 Claudia Tait
  Invited Lecture: Increased control of excitation selectivity for pulse EPR on spin-correlated radical pairs with shaped pulses
1120-1140 Lorenzo Sorace
  Exchange-coupled porphyrin complexes as potential molecular quantum gates
1140-1200 Janko Hergenhahn
  Increasing delocalisation by changing the charge state in porphyrin molecular wires
1200-1220 Alexander Allgaier
  Polaron Spin Dynamics in Thin Films of Chemically Doped Semiconducting Polymers
1220-1230 Bruker Team
  Bruker Communication
1230-1400 Lunch The Edge
JEOL Prize Session I Chair: Claudia Tait Conference Auditorium 2
1400-1420 Sebastian Kopp
  JEOL Student Prize Talk: EPR Investigation of Dynamic and Coherent Electron Transfer in Porphyrin Radical Cations
1420 - 1440 Susanna Ciuti
  JEOL Student Prize Talk: Triplet-radical electron spin polarization transfer in weakly coupled systems
1440-1500 Ekaterina Shabratova
  JEOL Student Prize Talk: EPR and X-ray investigations of electronic and structural properties of metal-doped graphitic Carbon Nitride catalysts
1500-1520 Sebastian Gorgon
  JEOL Student Prize Talk: Luminescent organic radicals with high-multiplicity excited states
1520-1540 Short Coffee Break The Edge
JEOL Prize Session II Chair: Alice Bowen Conference Auditorium 2
1540-1600 Jeannine Grüne
  JEOL Student Prize Talk: Triplet Excitons and Associated Efficiency-Limiting Pathways in Organic Photovoltaics Based on Non-Fullerene Acceptors
1600-1620 Paolo Cleto Bruzzese
  JEOL Student Prize Talk: Hyperfine spectroscopy for structural characterization of single- metal-atom catalysts with atomic-scale precision. The case of CuII-exchanged zeolites.
1620-1640 Hannah Russell
  JEOL Student Prize Talk: Measuring Nanometre Distance Changes in Biomolecules Under Pressure
1640-1700 Euan Bassey
  JEOL Student Prize Talk: Characterisation of local environments in strongly paramagnetic battery cathodes: a combined experimental and theoretical approach
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Coffee & Poster Session (Odd Posters) The Edge
Session Chair: Janet Lovett Conference Auditorium 2
1800-1830 Maxie Rößler
  Invited Lecture: New mechanistic insights into electrocatalytic reactions from film-electrochemical EPR: from ex-situ to in-situ and operando
1830-1900 RSC ESR AGM Conference Auditorium 2
1830-2000 Dinner The Edge
Bruker Prize Session Conference Auditorium 2
2000-2010 Claudia Tait
  Laudatio - Bruker Lecture
2010-2100 Stefan Stoll
  Bruker Lecture: EasySpin – EPR at your fingertips
2100-2200 Bruker Reception The Edge

Wednesday, 29th March

Session Chair: Bela Bode Conference Auditorium 2
APMR Plenary Lecture
Thomas Prisner
  Plenary Lecture: PELDOR and ENDOR investigation of structure, dynamics and metal ion binding sites on RNA-motives using rigid spin-labels
940-1000 Daniel Klose
  Electronic structure of an f-electron-bearing Yb(III) complex from EPR & NMR spectroscopy
1000-1020 Fabian Hecker
  17O Hyperfine Spectroscopy Reveals Hydration Structure of Nitroxide Radicals in Aqueous Solutions
1020-1050 Coffee The Edge
Session Chair: Emma Richards Conference Auditorium 2
1050-1120 Michal Leskes
  Invited Lecture: Paramagnetic Metal Ions DNP for Bulk and Surface Sensitivity in Inorganic Solids
1120-1140 Jan Behrends
  Probing Charging and Discharging of Organic Radical Batteries by EPR
1140-1200 Joseph McPeak
  Operando state of charge monitoring of Vanadium redox flow batteries with an EPR-on-a-Chip dipstick sensor
1200-1220 Yujie Zhao
  Testing DNP polarising agents with a high-power EPR spectrometer
1220-1320 Lunch The Edge
Session Chair: Christiane Timmel Conference Auditorium 2
1320-1350 Gavin Morley
  Invited Lecture: Optically detected magnetic resonance of nitrogen-vacancy centres in diamond for sensitive magnetometry and (eventually) a test of quantum gravity
1350-1410 Rémi Blinder
  Sensitive nuclear magnetic resonance modalities enabled by X-band EPR methods using nanodiamonds
1410-1430 Joris van Slageren
  Molecular Qubits: Self-Assembly and Strong Coupling
1430-1450 Michael Franz
  Effective Hamiltonian theory to elucidate excited state exchange coupling
IoP Magnetism Sponsored
Coffee and Poster Session (Even Numbers) The Edge
Session Chair: William Myers Conference Auditorium 2
1550-1620 Thomas Schmidt
  Invited Lecture: Quantitative analysis of monomer–dimer equilibrium of the β1-adrenergic receptor by DEER spectroscopy
1620-1640 Alessio Bonucci
  Investigation on the biogenesis of a multi-protein hetero complex combining cw-EPR and Nitroxide-Gd (III) distance measurements
1640-1700 Manas Seal
  Gd(III)-19F distance measurements of proteins in cells by electron-nuclear double resonance
1700-1720 Ciarán Rogers
  Spin polarisation in Gd(III) complexes by arbitrary waveform generated excitation pulses for high sensitivity pulsed EPR measurements away from the central transition
1720-1730 Mini break
Bruker Thesis Prize Session: Conference Auditorium 2
1730-1740 Gunnar Jeschke
  Laudatio - Bruker Thesis Prize
1740-1820 Nino Wili
  Bruker Thesis Prize: New electron spin resonance experiments with tailored waveform excitation
1835-1850 Group Photo Front of Parkinson's Building
1850-1900 Pick-up (Coach Transportation) Front of Parkinson's Building
1900-2200 Banquet and Drinks Royal Armouries Museum

Thursday, 30th March

Session Chair: Enrico Salvadori Conference Auditorium 2
900-940 Christoph Böhme
  Plenary Lecture: Low-magnetic field electrically detected magnetic resonance spectroscopy of electron hole pairs in thin-film polymer layers
940-1000 Christian Dirk Buch
  High-field EPR deuteration study of a 4f molecular qubit
1000-1020 Till Biskup
  How reproducible are your EPR results? Tools for fully reproducible data analysis
1020-1050 Coffee The Edge
Session Chair: Christopher Wedge Conference Auditorium 2
1050-1120 Akio Kawai
  Invited Lecture: Dynamic Electron Polarisation in Radical-Triplet Systems
1120-1140 Alice Bowen
  Light Induced Triplet Triplet Electron Resonance: Optimization, limitations and comparison to other methods.
1140-1200 Naitik Panjwani
  Singlet Fission in Lycopene Aggregates Probed by Transient Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
1200-1220 Yury Kutin
  Characterization of the first ground-state triplet vinylidene
1220-1310 Lunch and coffee The Edge
Session Chair: Paul Jonsen Conference Auditorium 2
1310-1330 Enrico Salvadori
  Stable and metastable paramagnetic species in carbon nitride
1330-1350 Yu-Kai Liao
  Investigation of the Surface Properties of Microporous Materials Using Nitric Oxide as a Spin Probe
1350-1410 Muralidharan Shanmugam
  Mechanism of Co-C Bond Cleavage in B12-Dependent Photoreceptor and the Intermediates probed by Crystallography, UV-Vis and cw-EPR/annealing Methods
1410-1430 Kavipriya Thangavel
  Adsorption of NO on Ni(II)-based MFU-4l catalyst MOF evidenced by EPR spectroscopy and quantum chemical modelling
1430-1450 Alena Sheveleva
  EPR insights into UiO-66 incorporating Cu(II) binding sites for selective adsorption and separation.
1450-1500 Christos Pliotas & Christiane Timmel Closing Remarks
1500-1510 Warwick Team RSC ESR 2024: Warwick
1510-1520 Poster removal - End of the RSC ESR 2023 conference

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