Bruker Prize and Lecture 2023


Prof Stefan Stoll

Since 1986 Bruker BioSpin has generously sponsored an annual lectureship and prize, given to a scientist who has made a major contribution to the application of ESR spectroscopy in chemical or biological systems. The ESR Spectroscopy Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry is pleased to announce that the 2023 Bruker Prize will be awarded to Professor Stefan Stoll.

The list of previous Bruker Prize winners is available here.


Bruker Thesis Prize 2023

Dr Nino Wili

The ESR Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry and Bruker Corporation are pleased to announce the winner of the 9th Bruker ESR Thesis Prize, Dr Nino Wili. As winner of the 2023 competition, Dr Wili has accepted an invitation to give a prize lecture at the 56th Annual International Meeting of the RSC ESR spectroscopy group, at University of Leeds, 27th–30th March 2023.

Dr Nino Wili received a Dr. sc. ETH Zurich degree in the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry, ETH Zurich, for his thesis titled “New electron spin resonance experiments with tailored waveform excitation”, supervised by Prof. Gunnar Jeschke. His work garnered comments from the reviewers, such as “The thesis demonstrated impressive extension of the application of arbitrary waveform generators to pulse formation. Some of the explanation of applications and limitations of the equations reveals a mature overview of pros and cons beyond that of many students” and “Besides sound science, throughout the thesis Dr Wili provides considerations which go beyond the technical and scientific aspects and touch upon the scope and danger of contemporary science.” In addition to his outstanding thesis, Dr Wili will already be well known to many for his role in starting the International Virtual EPR Meetings which allowed the community to continue meeting and sharing work during the dark days of the initial Covid-19 lockdowns. Alongside this legacy Dr Wili has already published as corresponding author a number of papers ranging from distance measurements by pulse dressed EPR to design of broadband pulsed DNP sequences for static solids and reversed dynamic nuclear polarisation for indirect detection of unpaired electrons. This breadth of work will no doubt contribute to an interesting and enriching lecture.

We are grateful to Bruker for their continued support of this prize.

Details of past winners are available here. Please join our mail list to be notified when applications are opened for the next Bruker Thesis Prize.