John Weil Young Investigator 2023


As host to the International EPR(ESR) Society meeting, the ESR Spectroscopy Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry is pleased to announce that the 2023 John Weil Young Investigator Award will be awarded to Dr Mantas Šimėnas at the 56th Annual International Meeting of the RSC-ESR group, 27th to 30th March, 2023, in Leeds, UK, where we welcome his award lecture.

Dr Mantas Šimėnas

Dr. Mantas Šimėnas is being honored with the Young Investigator Award for 2023 for his outstanding contributions to the field of inorganic materials research, with a particular emphasis on metal-organic frameworks, through the use of continuous-wave and pulsed EPR experiments. Additionally, Dr. Šimėnas’ work on the enhancement of EPR sensitivity through the use of microresonators and cryoamplifiers has been instrumental in enabling sensitive measurements of biological samples that were previously infeasible. Dr. Šimėnas has also made significant contributions to the solid-state physics of ferroelectric materials by using paramagnetic ions as probes, which has attracted interest well beyond the EPR community and has provided substantial insight into phase transitions of ferroelectric materials. With more than 55 published papers, Dr. Šimėnas has made a lasting impact on the field of EPR spectroscopy and inorganic materials research. The International EPR (ESR) Society is proud to award the John-Weil Young Investigator Award to Dr. Mantas Šimėnas in recognition of his outstanding work and future potential in the field.

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