The ESR Spectroscopy Group is organized with the aid of a committee of group members, with a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Members serve on the Committee for three years and may be re-elected for a further three years. The Chair is elected for three years, the Secretary for five years and the Treasurer for four years. The Committee often has an international member representing EPR practitioners outside the UK, a representative of one of the spectrometer manufacturers, and a local organizer for the current conference. Since 2016 the previous conference organiser has been invited to served a further year to pass on their expertise, and in 2017 it was decided that a new treasurer would serve as a treasurer-elect for one year prior to enable a smooth transfer of power.

Membership of the committee is open to all members of the Royal Society of Chemistry regardless of membership category or previous experience. RSC staff are on hand to support our volunteers and to offer guidance as required and training is available. The various terms of office have combined such that no vacancies will arise in 2020 so the next round of vacancies will be advertised prior to the 2021 meeting in Cardiff. All nominations must be made with the agreement of the candidate, and self nominations are permitted. Please send nominations to the ESR Group Secretary — Prof Ilya Kuprov ( — prior to the AGM which will take place at the conference and where a vote will be held if required. We are an inclusive organisation and we aim to ensure that our committees are representative of the breadth and diversity of our community. We welcome and strongly encourage all of our members, regardless of membership category, age, demographic or experience, to consider this opportunity. For further details of the RSC rules governing member networks, including committee terms of office and election of committee members please click here.

The 2019 AGM took place on Tuesday 9th April at 5.30 pm during our conference in Glasgow. At this AGM Christiane Timmel was elected as Chair while the outgoing Chair Eric McInnes remained on the committee as organiser of the 2020 conference. Floriana Tuna and Paul Jonsen were elected as ordinary members while Alice Bowen, Bela Bode, Maxie Roessler and Enrico Salvadori left the committee and we thank them for their service. The committee list below reflects appointments at this meeting. The 2020 AGM will take place on Tuesday 31st March 2020 at the conference in Manchester.

The committee are delighted to hear that Prof Christiane Timmel, current chair of the RSC ESR group, has been awarded the RSC Tilden prize. This is getting to be somewhat of a theme, our former chair Prof. Eric McInnes winning the same award last year. Many congratulations Chris and Eric! See for details of the 2020 award.

Current Committee

Post Name Institution Tel Period
Chair Prof Christiane Timmel University of Oxford +44 1865 272 682 2019-22
Secretary Prof Ilya Kuprov University of Southampton +44 2380 594 140 2016-21
(webmaster 2009-16)
Treasurer Dr David Norman University of Dundee +44 1382 384 798 2018-22
International Representative Prof Olav Schiemann University of Bonn +49 228 732 989 2018-21
Web Master Dr Chris Wedge University of Huddersfield +44 1484 471 614 2016-21
Industry Representative Dr Sylwia Kacprzak Bruker Biospin Limited +49 721 5161 6443 2018-21
Committee Member Dr Gavin Morley University of Warwick +44 2476 150 801 2018-21
Committee Member Dr Paul Jonsen TalaveraScience +44 1423 810 388 2019-22
Committee Member Dr Floriana Tuna University of Manchester +44 1612 751 005 2019-22
2021 Conference Organiser Dr Emma Richards University of Cardiff +44 2920 874 029 2020-22
2020 Conference Organiser /
Prof Eric McInnes University of Manchester +44 1612 754 469 2019-21
(chair 2016-19)
2020 Conference Organiser Prof David Collison University of Manchester +44 1612 754 660 2019-21
RSC Networks Officer Dr Fiona McMillan RSC +44 1223 432 269