The ESR Spectroscopy Group is organized with the aid of a committee of group members, with a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. General members serve on the Committee for three years and may be re-elected for a further three years. The Chair is elected for three years, the Secretary for five years and the Treasurer for four years. The Committee often has an international member representing EPR practitioners outside the UK, an industry representative, and a local organizer for the current conference. Since 2016 the previous conference organiser has been invited to served a further year to pass on their expertise, and in 2017 it was decided that a new treasurer would serve as a treasurer-elect for one year prior to enable a smooth transfer of power.

Current Committee

Post Name Institution Tel Period
Chair Prof Christiane Timmel University of Oxford +44 1865 272 682 2019-25
Secretary Dr Chris Wedge University of Huddersfield +44 1484 256 915 2021-26
Treasurer Dr Emma Richards University of Cardiff +44 2920 874 029 2022-25
Web Master Dr Will Myers University of Oxford +44 1865 272 651 2021-24
International Representative Prof Marilena Di Valentin University of Padova +39 0498 275 139 2021-24
Industry Representative Dr Alex Rogerson Bruker (UK) Limited +44 2476 855 200 2021-24
Committee Member Dr Paul Jonsen TalaveraScience +44 1423 810 388 2022-25
Committee Member Prof Enrico Salvadori University of Turin +39 0116 707 575 2023-26
Committee Member Dr Dimitri Svistunenko University of Essex +44 1206 873 149 2023-26
Committee Member & 2023 Conference Organiser Prof Christos Pliotas University of Leeds +44 1133 431 229 2021-24
2024 Conference Organiser Dr Ben Breeze University of Warwick +44 2476 572 865 2023-25
RSC Networks Officer Dr Fiona McMillan RSC +44 1223 432 269

Committee News

The committee would like to note a sincere thank you to Janet Lovett on her departure from committee membership, following brilliant Local Organisation of the 2022 meeting in St Andrews. We accordingly welcome Ben Breeze, local organiser of the 2024 conference in Warwick, UK.