Heathcote Symposium

An additional Satellite mini-Symposium will take place on Monday 27th March, (11.30am - 1pm) to honour Peter Heathcote’s lifetime contributions in using Bio-EPR approaches to study photosynthetic and respiratory chain proteins. This Satellite event will be separate to the RSC ESR 2023 conference and it will take place during the RSC ESR registration on Monday morning. The mini-Symposium will take place in the Conference Auditorium 2 and will be free for all RSC ESR 2023 delegates to attend. The Heathcote Symposium programme may downloaded.

Monday, 27th March

Peter Heathcote Symposium Conference Auditorium 2
1130-1135 Christos Pliotas
1135-1145 Robert Bittl
  Laudatio - Heathcote Symposium
1145-1215 Peter Heathcote
  Symposium Invited talk: Studying photosynthesis and respiration chain proteins by cw and pulsed EPR spectroscopic methods
1215-1230 Jana Eisermann
  The Interplay of ROS production and lipid peroxidation on respiratory complex I
1230-1245 Yue Ma
  Accessing the conformational landscape of the human K2P mechanosensitive channel
1245-1300 Maria Fransesca Vicino
  Following conformational changes in LbuCas13a from apo to the ternary cr- and target
1300-1400 Lunch The Edge

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